Sermons from April 2020

Sermons from April 2020

The Resurrection’s Call

Mark 16:1-16 The gospel of Mark is all about strengthening our faith – presenting us with the person and the work of Christ so that we can accept the truth about Him and live accordingly. The resurrection narrative in this chapter is the apex of this call to faith. These verses contain the confrontation, comfort and command to believe that continue to shape our…

The Lamb of God

John 1:19-34 What does John the Baptist mean when he calls Jesus “The Lamb of God”? This title takes us back to the Passover lamb, first described in Exodus 12. This lamb has to be blameless, set apart from the rest of the flock for a unique purpose. This lamb has to die, for only when its blood has been applied to the household can there be deliverance from…

The Path to Growth into Christ

Colossians 1:9-20 We’re often tempted to think like the Colossians, as if we need something more than Christ to complete our Christian life. In this epistle Paul emphasises the perfection of Christ and also the need we have ‘to grow into Christ’. What does this mean in practice? It means knowing how Christ wants us to live, acting accordingly and through…

Thy Will Be Done

Acts 21:1-14 Why is the apostle Paul ready to go to Jerusalem, even though so many have warned him of the dangers that await him there? Is it simply fatalism or stoicism? Paul is willing to go into a difficult situation because he knows that his God is able to raise the dead. Paul’s resurrection hope gives him the ability to obey God’s will boldly.