Luke Series (Page 3)

Luke Series (Page 3)

Be patient!

Luke 21:5-19 Do not be deceived Do not be terrified Do not be surprised Understand that nothing will be lostApplications: Be patient until the Lord brings hispromises to pass – Be patient because it is a fruitof the Spirit – Do not be a friend of the world – Donot be deceived.

The God of the living

Luke 20:27-47 The Sadducees cavil. Christ vanquishes their cavil. Christ vanquishes the scribes. Applications: -There is a resurrection and therefore we do nothave a permanent dwelling here. -We will have even more joy in heaven than theangels because we know suffering. -Desire to speak well. Learn the scriptures and itsimplications.

The Real Jesus Christ

Luke 19:41-48 The Real Jesus Christ I: CriesII: Casts OutIII: With Sovereignty Application:a) worship the one, real Jesus Christb) this is the day of visitation; this is the day in which to believec) are you willing for Christ to overturn things in your life?d) do you weep for Zion?e) do you weep for the lost?

Christ & His Servants

Luke 19:11-27 Christ & His Servants I: The Nobleman Endows His ServantsII: Good Servants Rewarded DisproportionatelyIII: The Wicked Servant Loses what he Had Applicationa) take heed with regard to the word of God – be faithful to Christ with your giftsb) do business in your vocationc) do business in the gospeld) look to the reward