Sermons on Acts (Page 2)

Sermons on Acts (Page 2)

Thy Will Be Done

Acts 21:1-14 Why is the apostle Paul ready to go to Jerusalem, even though so many have warned him of the dangers that await him there? Is it simply fatalism or stoicism? Paul is willing to go into a difficult situation because he knows that his God is able to raise the dead. Paul’s resurrection hope gives him the ability to obey God’s will boldly.

False Teaching

Acts 20:28-32 False teaching is an epidemic of a very different kind that the church has always had to face – and there’s a lot at stake. Paul compares false teachers to savage wolves who will come to attack the church, a people that God has purchased with his own blood. So how do we respond? With watchfulness, confidence in Christ and devotion to the Bible,…

The Whole Counsel

Acts 20:17-28 As Paul looks back on his long and fruitful ministry in Ephesus, what stands out most in his mind is that he has not failed to declare the whole counsel of God. Preaching the whole counsel of God takes humility and courage: humility to submit to God’s message that can often seem so foolish and courage to say what can be so unpopular. This is, however,…


Acts 20:1-12 Encouragement is a major theme of Acts, because the Holy Spirit is an encourager. And Paul’s mission at this point was to encourage God’s people. There are many love languages, and there are also many ways to express encouragement; here we see three specific ways: hugs, words and works.

Idols Are Not Great

Acts 19:21-41 In this passage we see the violent protest of a people who are propping up a futile belief system; the riot they incite is designed to inflate confidence in what they know deep inside to be untrue. The more hollow the idol we follow the more we will find the need to prop it up. Diana could not possibly stand before the magnificence of the true God. Idolatry…