Church officers

Our elders mainly focus on prayer and teaching the Bible, and our deacons help with practical ministry in the church.

Our Elders

Our elders are:

Revd Dr William (Bill) Schweitzer - Minister
Revd Benjamin Wontrop - Minister of Pastoral Care
Mr Jonathan Winch
Dr Chris Richards
Revd Nathan Hilton - church planting minister of Sunderland Presbyterian Church
Revd Florian Weicken - church planting minister for Zurich Presbyterian Church

They seek to devote themselves to the Word of God and to prayer, they are elected by the congregation and confirmed by presbytery. They are collectively described as the session and in essence oversee the spiritual life of the congregation.

Our minister Bill is originally from Florida, and came to the UK as a US Marine exchange officer in the RAF. After leaving the services in 2005, he trained for ministry at the Free Church of Scotland College (BTh 2007), and completed research degrees in systematic theology at Edinburgh University (MTh 2005; PhD 2008). Bill is married to Pam, a native of Glens Falls, New York, they have seven children – Mark, Bethany, Mary, Anna, James, Rebecca and Ruth.


Our Minister of Pastoral care Benjamin is also originally from the United States. He initially moved to England to work as an intern at our church in 2011. Over the next four years, he also studied at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, our own seminary, Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Greenville SC, USA. In 2016, he obtained a Masters of Divinity and moved to Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk to take a call as minster in Bury St Edmunds Presbyterian Church. In the spring of 2019, he was called back to the Northeast and to All Saints. Benjamin is married to Anna (who is a native of the northeast). They have two children, Joy and Ezra.


Our Deacons

Our deacons are:

Dr Peter Lawley
Mr Sam Webster
Mr Tony Drummond
Mr Kevin Hilton (Sunderland church plant) 

They look after the church building, organise meetings and take care of administrational concerns. They seek to protect the elders of the church from distraction by logistical/temporal concerns. Kevin is assigned to our Sunderland Church plant but is also employed part time by our All Saints in an administrative role. He works on Friday mornings. Peter is also our staff-coordinator and the personal assistant to the Revd Dr Bill Schweitzer.

Our Ministerial Assistants

We have two ministerial assistants:

Mr Benjamin Mitchell
Mr Peter Winch

They serve the church and the minister by taking care of administration, planning events, and taking part in both evangelism and teaching. Both Peter and Benjamin are students at Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, here in the heart of Newcastle.